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The current "Privacy Policy" are the rules for the use of user's personal information on Alyans Tekstil LLC website

1. Data collection
We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information collected when using our site. This information can only be used for the purposes set out below.
• Delivery of services at your request.
• For the purpose of personalized advertisement.
• In order to improve the site.
• To contact you by email.
• Organization of promotion campaigns and/or market researches.

2. Protection of personal data in online shopping

Information associated with your credit or salary card will be deleted immediately after purchase. Your personal information cannot be sold or forwarded to third parties.

We use various applications to keep your personal information safe. We actively use SSL encryption in our services. Only our specially assigned employees (such as those involved in technical support or online payments) may have access to personal information.

3. Use of "cookies"

Our "cookies" are used to improve site access and identify repeat visits. In addition, they allow you to track the most popular requests. Cookies do not transmit confidential information.

4. Consent

By using the services of our web site, you automatically agree to the Privacy Policy.

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